What Does a Business Coach/Consultant Really Do?

What Does a Business Coach/Consultant Really Do?

I’m asked this question a lot: “What does a business coach/consultant really do?”
I will breakdown the difference between coach and consultant.

Sometimes, a business owner’s goals are not aligned with their mindset. As a coach, I determine if you’re in the right mindset to move forward towards achieving your goals. If not, I explain what mindset Is required before accepting you as a client. Any quality business coach should interview you in this way to see if you can work together. After all, my goal is to see you making progress of achieving your business goals– and that will take work!

The consultant side Is a bit different from coaching. As a consultant, I discuss with you is how to skip the pains of growth and trial and error. You hire a consultant who has been there before so that they can quickly offer a solution, which saves you lots of time and money.
Take a listen to my approach in this episode of the podcast.

-Chad Murray

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