About Chad Murray, CPBC

Chad has been an entrepreneur his entire life. His strengths include sales, systems, marketing, and employee management. Over 25 years, his chimney blue collar service business has climbed to one of the largest in the industry. Masters Services employs over 42 salesman, technicians, crews, call center people, in house shop fabricators, and management.

From sales and management to strategy and logistics, Chad has dealt with every aspect of his business. Now retired from operations, Chad’s passionate is sharing his knowledge with any business that will benefit from his experience and gain the freedom you always wished for when you started your business.

Christa and Chad MS

2019 was my Rookie year business coaching. The PBCA recognized me in 2020 as the Rookie Coach of the Year for the United States. 

Certified Master Business Coach
Over 3000 hours coaching and counting!

My wife and I started Masters Services Chimney and Masonry in 1998. We scaled the business to $3.9 Million projected 2021 with systems and culture. We both retired from operations in 2014.

Outside the Business Box Podcast is for all service construction based businesses. It has my story, guests, systems, and lots of chat about getting your business working for you, not you for the business.