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Chad Murry Expert Business Coach Award

Expert Advice on Systems for:

  • Hiring (Attracting the Right Employees)
  • Sales ( tools, programs, customer aides, scripts )
  • Accountability Reports
  • Progress Reporting Tools
  • Hiring Strategies
  • Cash Flow Crisis Plans
  • Management Pivoting Ideas
  • Employee Tracking Tools and Reports

Most Importantly…


I hear your concerns and facilitate your decision making process as you work on your business. I’m the guy you run ideas by to see if they are possible. If I have ever faced any subject on the table, I am glad to share my experience and give you the pros and cons.

I will ask many questions with the goal that you will come to your own conclusion, because my goal is to enable you in running your own business.


“I’ve Been in Your Shoes”

About Chad Murray, CPBC

Chad has been an entrepreneur his entire life. His strengths include sales, systems, marketing, and employee management. For 24 years his service business has climbed to one of the top largest in its industry, if not the top. His services company employs over 50 salesman, technicians, crews, call center people, in house shop fabricators, and management. Chad has dealt with all this business aspects and now is sharing his knowledge to any business that needs his experience.

Chad Murray | Business Coach

Chad Knows His Business

With over 24 years in the industry, Chad’s business has grown and expanded to offer award-winning chimney and home services across Texas and into Oklahoma. His experience in founding and running Masters Services and Master Caps has provided Chad with an in-depth understanding of running a large, successful business that offers both products and services.

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For many years, I have owned (and still own!) a large home service construction company. I stepped out of the day-to-day operations 4 years ago to continue exploring new opportunities, because I love living the entrepreneur lifestyle. I passionately would love to help you get your business where you want it to be!

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Transitioning from military service to a new industry? I spent 8 years in the Army National Guard and then went to The Marine Corp boot camp. After my time in military service, I decided to take on a new challenge and immediately started my own business.

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For my entire life, I have been an entrepreneur. Sales is my strong point, as well as systems, marketing, and employee management. I have dealt with all of these business aspects, and now enjoy sharing my knowledge with any business or entrepreneur who can benefit from that experience.


Help business owners to find relief and
eventually joy in running their business.

Grow Your Confidence and See Results

What do I do for you?
I listen! We first discuss your goals and business needs: what is your vision for your business? Working together, we then develop an actionable plan for your business, to stop the “pain” from happening right now! We organize, develop systems, and strengthen both you and your business. The plan is to do what you need to do NOW, in order to begin working a better business than ever before.

Free Consultation with a Coach that Cares

Schedule your free consultation to discover how we can work together to bring your business success and accomplishment. I strive to provide business coaching that creates business development.

There comes a point where help from an outside source with fresh eyes can shine light onto how to move up the next level. Sometimes you need a push because you are just plain stuck- I help you to get “unstuck”!

Client Testimonials



“Mr. Murray has a proven
track record. He has taken
our business from $600,00…”

DAVID BISHOP – 4/10/2019



“Chad Murray is a success
story, and now he’s bringing
his successful business mo…”



“I can not sing enough
praises about the quality of
Chad’s coaching. I am not…”

ANDREW VINZANT – 1/24/2020

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