Is your business growing?
Is your business profitable?
Do you like your employees?
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One-on-one business coaching empowers you to acheive your business goals

Christa and Chad MS

“It ain’t what you know that gets you in trouble.
It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

-Mark Twain

What will you as my business coach help me accomplish

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Immediately give value to you with getting you to start making a difference that moves your business in a positive trajectory.

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Winning! Start you on a mindset of winning by us tackling your biggest issue in your business right aaway.

Vision. We will put a plan together to see and implement for your business to start profiting and build a good culture.


Systems. What got you where you are now will not get you to the next level in business. Upgrading your processes.


Employees. As we create systems we will need to help the employees win with process that make them successful.

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Culture. We will begin to build a culture of winning as a team. This is a learned skill not a born with skill.

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Do I Need A Business Coach?

The 1 on 1  business coaching relationship is one of getting your business on track legally, culturally, and systematically to achieve higher profitability and stability.

Whatever I write here is nothing like what it is sitting down and making time for yourself to chat with me. The magic is us working through and out the issues you are facing right now. We start building confidence and systems immediately. The relief will bappen day one! 

Notice I used profitability and stability as the goal? The start of all my client relationships always from the client prospective is “How do I make more money?”. Successful people have learned the focus on money alone gets you only so far. You then hit a brick wall in stagnant growth or start to have high employee turn over. You then become a product of the business running you instead of that dream you had when you started your business.

That dream of financial freedom or to not answer to the “man” anymore has been lost. Now I’m not saying profit isn’t high on the list to start working on with most of my clients however I find to get higher profits some culture steps may need to be implemented.

We together will come up with what is the most important FIRST STEP to start. We will create goals and actions steps for that week to achieve or start achieving that first step. Through my online coaches platform I will assign ACTION STEPS that you will be tasked to complete before the next meeting. You will have a login to my coaches platform and be able to see out session notes, action steps from the past, present, and future. You will be able to communicate with me everyday if necessary by email, text, or phone calls.

All business owners get in a rut, bored if you will in the day to day grind of running a business. It’s what you are going to do tomorrow that is important to change or follow the direction you want to follow.


As a business coach I also consult as part of my practice. Many coaches do not. I have the experience to advise you in your options to lead you to the correct decision.

For example…

If you have a marketing platform question such as an Google Adwords question I can answer that in our session. I can advise the correct actual step in Google Adwords for you to do however if you want an actual consulting time on anything specific than extra money may be charged outside the perimeters of our agreement. 

If you would like sales training for your sales team I can do a a half day or a full day of training for an additional fee.

If you need consulting during a coaching session and its simple to answer there is no added fees. As a multi million dollar service company owner / C.E.O. I have been through all the pains and cheers growing and maintaining a business.

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Are you being called too much from your employees about things they should know?

Susan Scott, author of “Fierce Conversations,” offers a wonderful delegation model: the Decision Tree.

I have implemented the Decision Tree into my own services business as well of more than 50 other businesses. 

This will give you a system of empowerment and knowledge to your employees the day you implement! 

This is the best employee training tool for your employees to get confidence. This training can start working immediately! 

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operation entrepreneur freedom

My book chronicles my life from childhood wanting to be an entrepreneur to the present day accomplishments of owning several successful businesses that do non rely on me operating the day to day.

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