Mastermind Leadership Groups

Outside the Business Box Leadership Groups are entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and small business owners that come together to improve their experiences and companies. The groups are put together to get a wide range of company sizes and career achievements. The company sizes typically do at least a million in sales a year to billion dollar brand name companies. The idea is to get a good range of experience to grow or be reminded of the growth processes. 

The group will meet once a month for about 3 hours for 9 months. Like 1 on 1 coaching there will be individual action steps that the group will be assigned to go back to their prospected company and implement that months agenda. The fellowship of the Leadership Groups becomes a strong bond as the group continues. As the group progresses through the months a real understanding of how a business really can operate efficiently and effectively occurs. Watching other business grow along side your own is a powerful achievement.

Cost of joining this group $3600.

Business Elite Advancement Leadership Group is the first group session offered. The start to any program is to get every business involved to a maturity level. Each series is a month. The agenda is as follows...

Business Elite Advancement Leadership Group 1.0

Monthly Agenda

Month 1  "My company owns Me"

Month 2  "Building Your Executive Team"

Month 3 "Every Brain in the Game" & "Summary of Months 1-3"

Month 4  "People Problems"

Month 5  "Putting Your Payroll on a Diet"

Month 6  "Finding and Filling Profit Holes" & "Summary of Months 4-6" 

Month 7  "Improving Outside Sales"

Month 8 "Rallying Your Team Around a Goal"

Month 9 "Vision, Mission, Values" & "Summary of Months 6-9"

Starting when 6 sign ups occur. Presently there are 3 sign ups. Upon 6 sign ups an email date will be set to begin.


July 2019 Business Elite Advancement Group Sign Up

Leadership group disclosures

All Leadership Groups are paid for at time of sign up. All dates and details will be provided within 30 days of the start on month one. No refunds after the start of month one is completed. Any missed group dates will not be made up. All content will be accessible in your CoachAccountable account.