Group Coaching

Group Coaching

WHEN: Zoom call every Thursday at 5:30pm Eastern  (4:30pm Central) until 7:00pm Eastern

HOW: Zoom Call


  1. Upon entry into the zoom room enter into the chat your topic.
  2. Chit chat everyone discussion
  3. We begin, everyone on mute.
  4. Coach Chad brings in order of the chat topics the first business owner on screen to start a one on one. No participation from the gallery.
  5. One on One coaching begins while all other business owners watch.
  6. Completion of topic 
  7. Start with new business owners topic
  8. All topic will be discussed from each business owner and possible a second discussion may be able to occur. 7pm EST will end the discussion. 

Unlimited texts and emails are included with group coaching. If we go long and do not get to your topic then we will arrange a time to do a one on one or stay on longer.

Only 8 business owners will be in each group at this time but more maybe added if the hour and a half is not being filled.