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Learn How to Love Running Your Business Again

I offer more options for your business guidance needs. View the services below to see some of the most popular coaching options I offer my clients.

Aren’t sure where to start? No problem! I offer anyone a free consultation to determine their goals, needs, and whether my expertise is the right fit for you.



With flexible offerings, I have something for business owners in many different situations.

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1 on 1 Coach Consulting

  • The 1 on 1  business coaching relationship is one of getting your business on track legally, culturally, and systematically to achieve higher profitability and stability.
  • As a business coach I also consult as part of my practice. Many coaches do not. I have the experience to advise you in your options to lead you to the correct decision.
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Power Coaching

  • This fast-track option is great for business owners who want solutions FAST. Invite me into your business to help you get your business to where you’ve always dreamed it to be.
  • I will assess multiple facets of your business and provide feedback. My Power Coaching helps you get control of every aspect of your business again– or maybe for the first time.
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Leadership Groups

  • OTBB Leadership Groups consist of entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and small business owners that come together to improve their experiences and companies.
  • These groups go beyond networking to include a wide range of company sizes and career achievements. The idea is to get a good range of experiences so that there are models of how to grow, or be reminded of the growth processes.
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Chimney Leadership 1.0

  • The Chimney Leadership Group is about chimney leaders coming together to achieve enhanced fellowship by sharing their past failures and successes.
  • With over 22 years in the chimney industry, I’ve pretty much been through it all! As a professional business coach, I love to share my experiences and systems with other professionals- particularly those in my field.

If you want to get to know who I am and what I can do for you then read my book. It's mu life story of a lot of stuff I did wrong and right to learn the hard way of scaling a business to operate without me.

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